We’ve put in a lot of planning to create a vibrant, liveable environment for the new community you’ll be a part of. Lead by professional urban designers, the Pacific Heights integrated design team have worked to create a space that represents quality urban living, while also considering how living standards and technology are likely to evolve over time.

Planning your new living space within Pacific Heights will require some care and thought too – but we’ve put together some guidelines to help. These are aimed at encouraging quality, cost-effective design outcomes that contribute to a quality lifestyle for all in terms of safety, privacy and convenience.

View our Design Guide for tips and guidance on planning your new home, including:

  • Working with the site’s slopes for easier construction and an overall look that enhances the landscape’s features.
  • Making vehicle access safe, convenient and attractive.
  • Planning the external appearance of your new home, with style and practicality in mind.
  • Using materials, colour and finishes in a way that contributes to local character and diversity.
  • Integrating with public open spaces, and designing landscapes and gardens that complement the area. As many house lots within the development adjoin native bush, it is important that pest plants and common garden escapees are avoided on private sections.

A full list of banned pest plants in the Auckland region can be found on the Auckland Council website.

There are also excellent resources available on the Auckland Council website for increasing biodiversity in the backyard for native bird, lizards and bats.

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